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Song Contest 2

Contest Rules

3 Points For Each Vote

1 Point for Each View

Contest Ends April 1, 2018

Vote for the song that you think is the hottest. The hottest artist wins a cash prize, a free radio interview on Hot Hitz Radio, a write up on Hot Hitz Radio and promotion on several social media networks.

Stay updated to when Hot Hitz Radio goes live. Each artists will receive 10 points when a fan request your track to be played on Hot Hitz Radio. Requests can be made via twitter, snapchat, facebook, or instagram. All Social Media for HotHitzRadio is @damoent

First Live show will Sunday January 28, 2018 from 9-11pm Central Time.

Song Contest 2


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With the services and co sign of Petey Pablo, Iamfame (@mriaf) is now bringing his Riegelwood home town to the home front



Artist: Iamfame (I am Fathers Absences Mothers Everything).
Song: Lola (feat. Petey Pablo)
Soundcloud Link:

Press Release:
Iamfame pronounced I Am Fame is a Multi dimensional Artist. He writes, produces, performs all original work as well he is a incredible lyricist and story teller. Originally from Riegelwood North Carolina he now lives in Sacramento California representing as he calls it Two States at the same damn time. Iamfame has been writing for other artist for years and is now preparing for his step into the line light. Reaching back to his Carolina Roots Iamfame teams up with the Ambassador of the Carolina’s Multi platinum artist and song writer Petey Pablo to bring to life his new hit record to the worlds ear titled Lola which to him means (Family).

With the services and co sign of Petey Pablo Iamfame is now bringing his Riegelwood home town to the home front and giving the world his side of the story. Produced Awaz Beats, Lola is a harmonic catchy but cleverly put together song that has a powerful bouncy to it with a clear and aggressive flow. As he opens up the first bars saying (in the lobby ritz Carlson man oh man what a feeling,, took a long time to get here cause they ain’t want us in the building,, they ain’t want us causing problems had us signing disclaimers,, twelve deep dressed in all white I guess we really had them nervous)

Iamfame dives right in to how the industry has been with him and how he has lost more than he has gained thus far. He does not shy away from the conversation of fake friends loved ones and all that he has lost he embraces the stage and platform to address those things. Please enjoy Hip hops newest sensation Iamfame and his hit record featuring Petey Pablo , Lola .

Twitter: @mriaf
Facebook: Iaf Fame



Mid-South Best $1000 Showcase coming soon to Memphis. Email for details

Independent underground artist @LDGisLike, is finally back on his grind and re-branding his label (WLR) from top to bottom




Song title: BLOW
Youtube Link:

Independent underground artist LDG IS LIKE, is finally back on his grind and re-branding his label (WLR) from top to bottom. With LDG’s new Single, BLOW, he’s doing exactly that. Blow, is the leading record off of the soon to come album, Dedicated to My Enemies, available on all streaming services and digital retailers.

LDG is a veteran in the Akron music scene and has been earning his keep as of late. The completion of 3 albums in 2016/2017 are now in the process of being pressed up and released. Blow being the first official single in almost two years should create some major excitement for fans. The Single is has a Club feel but structured with top notch lyrics. Packed with creative lines, double entendres, and metaphors every type of person is bound to find themselves moving to this record.

LDG says the song was inspired by one of his favorite boxers, Gennady Golovkin (Triple G). Golovkin is known to be one of the most devastating knockout punchers in the sport of boxing today, validating LDG’s claims of his Blow, and “packing a punch”. The beat was produced by Mad Real and recorded by Nathan Vail, in Kenmore, Ohio at Just a Dream Studios. You can stream the song on Spotify here: it’s also available on Amazon, ITunes, Apple Music, Tidal and more! Visit for updates on LDG IS LIKE.






Mid-South Best $1000 Showcase coming soon to Memphis. Email for details

Mr.Hey Now is Fresh Out & gives us “The Play” (@freshoutent31)

Mr.Hey Now gives us the run down on life Fresh Out the yard as he’s coming with lyrical vengeance in the new music video “The Play” ft. Da Roski, while jamming through different parts of the “Lou”. The Fresh Out Ent. CEO speaks on the change up from friends & family, while still getting to the money plus more during the 3 minute lyrical onslaught. Check it out below & follow Fresh Out Ent’s Mr.Hey Now everywhere!

Twitter: @Freshoutent31
Instagram – Freshoutent
Facebook – Mr. Hey Now

The Struggle The Grind The Hustle Mixtape

Mixtape Cover

Mixtape Cover

King Cakes “Watch Me Turn Up”

Yung Wiz “Thugging”

Acy ft Tun Up Tam “#A33”

J. Hardy Ft Jay La’Sal “Love The Hustle”

Yung Dopee “Who Gone Ride”

Mike LawaryBaby “Right Here”

Digit D Ft ATP “For The Doe”

Mack Major “Never Would Have Made It”

Tay Da Great Ft. Dinero “Do What I Wanna”

T Juan “BTFM”

Dinero “BankRoll”

Dee 1 “No Car Note”

Yung Wiz “Flava”

Earl Ray Da Orge ft Pharoah Da Don “I Don’t Tricc”

Masta Mynd “Super Linked”

To Download this the mixtape Click Here the-struggle-the-gring-the-hustle its free

@DaRealMoneyBoy is Finessin’ with the “All Sauce” album that’s Going Dum’

Now under the management of Damo Entertainment,  Baton Rouge artist Money Boy and Damo make a decision to team up together for an explosive 2017 game plan. After releasing his album “All Sauce”, which is now available on all digital platforms, Money Boy works on increasing the already great sales and live streams that he has accumulated  since the releasing of his album. Stay up to date on videos, live performances, and future upcoming projects from Money Boy and his team One Life Clothing and Damo Entertainment.

Twitter: @DaRealMoneyBoy

Instagram: @DaRealMoneyBoy

One Life Clothing Website 

Damo Entertainment Website

@StarUTG bring his fans a “Drink Tonight”


Smooth beat with the sounds of electric guitars, Star UTG brings his fans a new type of single. “Drink Tonight” is about a young lady that the hip hop artists is supposed to be meeting for a drink but it turns out the she is a no show. This is one of the singles that is now available on his new mixtape “Spaced Out”

Twitter: @StarUTG

Facebook: Star UTG 

Instagram: @StarUTG

Karaoke Singers, Lip Syncers, Dancers, Hip Hop Artists, $250 Winner

Come out and perform at the Black History Month Tribute to Old School Hip Hop and R&B show. This show will be a tribute to the old school hip hop and r&b artists who paved the way for our music artists today.

Many artists today only want to do hip hop but have no real understanding of how far this genre of music has grown and been adapted by many cultures around the world.

From lawsuits of using vulgar language at concerts, albums banned in record stores, a genre of music that was labeled as a creation of a violent mindset for our youth, hip hop was the voice of the streets that couldn’t be spoken through media but expressed through hip hop (a beat with rhyming words).

But back to the showcase. The best performer will get a $250 cash prize.

If you would like to enter the showcase please contact me, DJ Damo at 314-448-9903

The contest will be in Memphis at the Height Hookah Lounge on February 18th.

These are a few photos of the people that are already preparing themselves for the opportunity.

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I need between 5-6 artists to kill this beat and at least one female.

By the way you can do the verse from the beat on here if you want. You don’t necessarily have to be sent the beat to do your verse

I need a few artist to kill this beat

The track will be called “That’s Ball Game” or “That’s Ball Game N—a”

Please make sure you stick to the title of the track. Track title should be enough to get the meaning of the track.

If it’s not…text me at 314-448-9903


If you need this beat to do your verse please leave your email so I can send it to you.

The artists with best verse will be picked to get on this track

You dont have to say that’s Ball Game in the middle of the verses as long as you say it at the beginning and end